MOST GUYS ARE LOSER [Feature] 2019 (22 Photos)
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MOST GUYS ARE LOSER [Feature] 2019 (22 Photos)

MOST GUYS ARE LOSER [Feature] 2019 (22 Photos)


Published: December 1, 2019 0 0 125
By: Richie Brennan, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Other

Talent Driver/PA Runner
Pier Ave Films
Starring: Paul Sorvino, Mira Sorvino, Keith David, Andy Buckley

Naperville, Joliet, Woodridge, IL.
- Picking up a large order of breakfast from a restaurant to set
- Picking up crafty with a detailed list from the Director
- Driving talent & crew from the Hotel to set and vise versa
- Assisting and running, allocating walkie talkies, locking down scenes/the set from pedestrian and vehicle traffic
- Communicating with production crew and assistants
- Driving vans and trucks, returning gear; etc., to their final destination after WRAP