Muertos Mock Up Brand
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Muertos Mock Up Brand

Muertos Mock Up Brand


Published: July 26, 2020 0 0 249
By: Natalie Hogan, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Fashion
Hashtags: #Clothing #Design #Drawing #Fashion #Illustrator

For Fashion Solutions class I had an individual assignment to establish a brand. I decided to mock up a brand to help immigrants in my neighborhood of Pilsen. I took inspiration from my own heritage. My Mother's side is from Michoacán, Mexico. Growing up Day of the Dead was a big part of my Halloween celebration and still is to this day.

Brand Info:
"Muertos is a plus size Grunge design wear that is inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration. Many of the designs revolve around skilled needle work that is done by women from Mexico that are living in Chicago. The embroidered pieces are done by skills that are taught to young girls in small towns. Many of these women become mothers at a young age and are unable to find jobs due to lack of experience. Muertos gives these women the opportunity to use their needle work skills to provide for their family. Muertos not only gives these women income and a chance to live the American Dream but also to education society of a minority culture that is being highly misrepresented."