My first experience with Adobe After Effects
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My first experience with Adobe After Effects

My first experience with Adobe After Effects


Published: November 10, 2020 0 0 61
By: Noey Budde, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Animation
Hashtags: #Adobe #after_effects #KineticTypography #YouTube

For this assignment, I decided to work in Adobe After Effects. Through the program, I created a Kinetic Typography Animation of a short clip from a CallmeCarson video.

Strengths: I had so much fun working on this animation and I believe it shows. Even though I've never experienced the world of Adobe After Effects before this assignment, I was able to design and animate a video that I'm genuinely proud of.

Weaknesses: As I said before, this was my first attempt at Adobe After Effects so it lacks the pizzazz that experienced Adobe After Effects users have. There were some effects and traits of Adobe After Effects that I wanted to explore more of but I just didn't have the time or experience to do so. I do intend to explore these more in the future though.

Opportunities: Never before have I worked on an assignment to relieve stress. This software, to my pleasant surprise, was so fun to work and play in. I found myself repeatedly going back to work on it cause it was so enjoyable. I spent at least three hours in this software, and I never got bored or annoyed by it. I'm positive that I'll use this software way more in the future, whether that be for assignments or even entertainment purposes.

Threats: I was hesitant to work in Adobe After Effects at first due to it being an intimidating software at first glance. It's a powerful program that takes up a large amount of space on any computer, let alone my laptop. I needed to cut some corners with the software to save up on disc space. I also needed to look at multiple tutorials when working on this animation, only because I've never worked with the software. Yet in the end, I feel as though these threats will gradually diminish over time.