Netflix Marketing Plan & Pitch
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Netflix Marketing Plan & Pitch

Netflix Marketing Plan & Pitch


Published: December 18, 2020 2 0 59
By: Iman Music, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Marketing
Hashtags: #Advertising #Copywriting #Design #Marketing #MarketingPlan #Presentation #SocialMedia #Strategy #Writing

This project was created for one of my Fall 2020 classes, Developing a Marketing Plan. Originally assigned a team at the beginning of the semester, we spent 15 weeks working on a research report, strategy brief, marketing plan, and eventually pitch. This project taught me a load of valuable skills from graphic design, presentation building, writing, research, brainstorming, and much more. We presented this pitch to three industry professionals and made edits based on feedback which was one of my most valuable lessons: always remain open to feedback. Marketing is a world of millions of perspectives and every single one can help you reach your goal by looking at your project differently.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Arman Zumberi
  • David (Damon) Silvert
  • Kelsey Sakowski
  • Zalikha Barakzia


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