Number 224
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Number 224

Number 224


Published: August 27, 2018 0 0 241
By: Leticia Trujillo, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Literature
Hashtags: #Creativewriting #English #Literature #Writing

First novel of the Number224 series. Available in digital and paperback on Amazon.


You’re born in The Zone, you die in The Zone. Number 224, Lilla Evans, has lived her entire life there beneath the tyranny of her android overlords. Don’t go against them, or they’ll know and when they know, they take you away.

Lilla finds herself thrown into a new way of life unlike any she could ever imagine. As a consequence, she must go against Nima, the AI who has turned against her human prisoners. Alongside the Outsiders, Lilla will try to take back her home at all costs.

Can she defeat the androids? Take down Nima’s dictatorship? Can Lilla come to terms about what the AI created her to be?

Lilla was born as Number 224, but she wouldn’t die that way