Pacific Garden - Hours of Operation
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Pacific Garden - Hours of Operation

Pacific Garden - Hours of Operation

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Published: June 20, 2019 0 0 180
By: Dave Mcgonigal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Music
Hashtags: #Audio #Music #music_production #recording

For this project, a team of 3 audio students and myself as an audio student at Columbia found talent, booked a session, ran a recording session, and then mixed the material into our final mix.
It came out very dreamy, and even in the recording process it seemed like a bedroom pop sound that was laid back and ambient. We ended up using mixing skills we learned at columbia to turn the "boring" sounding recording into a wide, lush track.
We encountered a lot of issues with the drum recording (the timing was a little ambiguous), but our finished track pleased the talent and our peers.