Print Design Scholarship Project
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Print Design Scholarship Project

Print Design Scholarship Project


Published: July 16, 2019 0 0 220
By: Maddy McEachen, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Graphic Design
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Design made for The Chelsy Tomashoff Memorial Scholarship for Print Design Excellence.

This design is meant to be print as a poster to spread awareness for mental health. It would be part of a series of posters depicting people from a variety of backgrounds. This poster represents me personally because I’m a female who has an anxiety disorder. This subject means alot to me.

Digital advertising is all over our devices as we scroll through news articles and social media posts. The digital era has brought in social media celebrities who can make thousands endorsing flat tummy teas, tooth whiteners, and health supplements. Advertising online has grown rapidly since the rise of the social media. Even though posting ads online has become a huge resource for companies, print design still plays an important role in brand awareness.

Print is a powerful tool for a company or artist to promote themselves. If a company is local they might consider putting an ad in the town’s newspaper so their business is more easily found to their area. A band that has an upcoming show in town will hang posters in cafes so people waiting in line for their morning coffee will be drawn to read it. Digital and print advertising often work together to create even more brand awareness. A company will post an ad on Facebook and print out posters so they can reach a broader audience.

I both attend and work at Columbia College Chicago where print design is how most of the school’s programs get people’s attention. Colorful posters line the walls of school and flyers pile up on the tables. The better the design means the more likely someones gonna take the time to check out the event. The biggest difference between print and digital designs, is that printed designs are put onto physical material. A design printed on a good material means someone is more likely to take it with them. A flyer made quickly on a text document and printed on copy paper isn’t gonna attract much attention but a good design printed on a thicker stock paper with a smooth matte finish will make people want to touch the flyer and take it with them. A digital advertisement might slip through your fingers as you scroll on your phone receiving only half a second interaction.

As a graphic designer I love seeing local artists promote themselves with creatively designed posters and business cards. I personally collect business cards that stand out and have a lot of thought put into them. Utilizing both the print and digital world is important for both business and artist when creating awareness. It’s still crucial to remember that perhaps one of the most important things about print design is it’s tactile which creates a personal connection. Print design is not getting lost in this digital era because nothing beats the physical.