Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
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Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders


Published: December 1, 2019 0 0 151
By: Jonathan Robinson, Goucher College
Category: Education
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PSEL #3c: Act with Cultural Competence and Responsiveness Introduction
This artifact was developed in ED 674A during the Fall semester of 2019. The artifact demonstrates my direct involvement with the newly developed Equity Committee at my school. While there was a previous Equity Committee, there was little school-wide training with that committee. The current committee is designed to train a core group of faculty on issues and strategies pertaining to equity and to then design and implement professional development for all faculty in the school building. I am a co-leader of the committee with one of my assistant principals.

PSEL #3c: Act with Cultural Competence and Responsiveness Reflection
My involvement in the Equity Committee is such that I serve as a co-leader of the team. In the past, I was also a part of my school’s old Equity Committee. Therefore, I felt that it was my duty to also become a member of the newly formed committee as I can lend previous knowledge and experiences to the group. As a member of a predominately Caucasian faculty, I do feel that it is my responsibility to share my experiences of prejudice and with racism so that I can help other faculty recognize their own biases in an effort to correct that thinking. In addition, the knowledge that I will gain from learning from others and then implement professional development will allow both myself and my colleagues to grow professionally so that we are all culturally sensitive and responsive to all students in our building. This artifact aligns to PSEL #3 because it necessitates that I act in a culturally responsive manner when making decisions and when implementing best practices for the best of both students and colleagues.