Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
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Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders


Published: April 20, 2020 0 0 108
By: Jonathan Robinson, Goucher College
Category: Education
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PSEL #10b Teacher Development Plan Introduction:
The document for this artifact is my teacher development plan (TDP) for the 2019-2020 school year. The object of the teacher development plan is to identify an area of growth related to my pedagogical practices. That area of growth targets one specific goal that I will work towards throughout the school year. In addition to self-evaluation, there are a number of identified resources that I use to help achieve that goal.

PSEL #10b Teacher Development Plan Rationale:
The teacher development plans are always aligned to the school progress plan. Because of this, the mission and vision of the school is always integrated into the plan as well. The key components of the teacher development plan are: climate, literacy and mathematics. As a teacher, I always think about what new strategy I am implementing at the beginning of a school year. Likely, that is the strategy that I target for my TDP so as to master it by the end of the school year. I then think about what resources would be needed to help me implement that strategy with both fidelity and with success. Those resources can be book studies, professional developments and even colleagues, including central office staff. What is great about the teacher development plan is that it allows me to collaborate with other teachers who have identified the same strategy, or one that is similar. Working with one another to create plans and to discuss both successes and failures help the creative process in becoming a better teacher. Those successes and failures are based on the data collected during the implementation of lessons. Data collection is necessary to understand the trends occurring within your classroom and to understand effectiveness. The ability to recognize deficiencies and to adjust is a key trait of an effective leader. This artifact aligns to PSEL #10b because it connects to the evaluation standards set forth by the school system and it aligns to the continuous development of the teacher to make improvements to teaching that is in the benefit of each student.