Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
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Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders


Published: December 1, 2019 0 0 146
By: Jonathan Robinson, Goucher College
Category: Education
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PSEL #9a: Institute, Manage and Monitor Operations and Administrative Systems Introduction
The artifact is taken from Faculty Council notes from the 2018-2019 school year. The artifact demonstrates the issues and problems that are unique to a school, the recognition of this issues and problems through the governing faculty representative council, and the initiative taken to work with administration to cordially rectify the issues. During that school year, I served as the Chair of Faculty Council. It was my duty to act as the voice of the entire faculty and deal and manage any issues and concerns that were raised by faculty members.

PSEL #9a: Institute, Manage and Monitor Operations and Administrative Systems Reflection
As Chair of the Faculty Council, the role required patience, collaboration, cooperation, integrity and trust. Addressing the needs and concerns of the staff while working with the administrative team ensured that initiatives and decisions where carried out in an ethical and accountable manner. My role as chair was also to acknowledge the grievances of staff members and to ensure them that the council would work together to address the concerns that they had. As a liaison between the two bodies, there had to be a level of trust that both the faculty and the administration had for myself and the council. Going to the administration with proactive solutions to the problems helped to alleviate some of the tension that existed during the meetings. As an educational leader, I have to develop strategies that are solution-oriented to the issues that will arise throughout a school year. This artifact aligns with PSEL #9 because the council helps to engage the faculty in ethical and responsible practices.