Professional Standards for Educational Leaders
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Professional Standards for Educational Leaders

Professional Standards for Educational Leaders


Published: December 1, 2019 0 0 139
By: Jonathan Robinson, Goucher College
Category: Education
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Standard 1b: Articulate and Model Core Values Introduction
This artifact was completed in ED 673 during the Spring 2019 semester. The artifact served as a collaborative activity designed to both challenge and increase the understanding of how educational systems are designed to elevate the participation of all stakeholders involved and what could happen if stakeholders remained stagnant in their growth as educators. The artifact was designed in a manner that allowed me to work within in a system and to see the overall process that is taken to stimulate and elevate the professional growth of that system’s faculty.

Standard 1b: Articulate and Model Core Values Reflection
The systems change activity was a way for me to understand what processes are implemented when attempting to change an educational system into a learning community. All five disciplines of systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, a shared vision and team learning have to be present and interwoven in a cohesive manner so that the organization functions productively and properly. As an educational leader, it is my duty to ensure that each of the five disciplines are represented and that faculty recognizes that the changes that are ongoing are in the best interest of the entire school community. Assessment of school and community culture and data is necessary so that the school leader has an understanding of what the areas of need are for both students and faculty. Assessment of this data also allows the educational leader to develop a mission and vision that will be shared with all stakeholders. Effective communication and collaboration must first be established so that trusting relationships can be forged. From the assessed data, the educational leadership has responsibility to develop professional development that will address the needs of staff. It is important that all faculty understands the significance of the work that is being done and they need to understand that they all play a vital role in the development of the organization. This artifact aligns to PSEL #1 because it demonstrates how the school culture needs to be develop around children in a way that promotes equity, high expectations and through a support system that recognizes their potential and their importance.