Reflection for PSEL Standard 3
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Reflection for PSEL Standard 3

Reflection for PSEL Standard 3

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Published: November 20, 2019 0 0 132
By: Kate Anderson, Goucher College
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I believe a strong leader should place equity and culturally responsive practices at the center of all decisions made for kids. All mean all and when you are a leader of a school building, your students, staff and parents need to know that you believe in the well-being and academic success for all children. As PSEL Standard 3 states, an effective leader ensures that each student is treated fairly, respectfully, and with an understanding of each student’s culture and context. Not only will the leader provide equitable access to curriculum, assessments, and learning opportunities, but also celebrate differences by looking at those differences as an asset to contribute to our diverse global society.
My artifacts are an example of how I have developed competence in Standard 3, because they demonstrate an eagerness towards learning more about how I can open my perspective and do better for all people. I was able to support a school as they built an environment for sharing love and differences. They created a schoolwide initiative for all students to feel a sense of belonginess while celebrating differences. I grew my knowledge of different life experiences while playing the Factuality Game and reading and sharing during my antiracist book club. By participating in opportunities like these, I will be able to ensure that each student has equitable access by coaching teachers in equity and changing the ways we write curriculum. With new knowledge and awareness every day, I am able to act with cultural and responsiveness in my interactions, decision making and practice to alter institutional biases for student marginalization.