Reflection for PSEL Standard 2
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Reflection for PSEL Standard 2

Reflection for PSEL Standard 2

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Published: March 17, 2020 0 0 124
By: Kate Anderson, Goucher College
Category: Education

My three artifacts for PSEL Standard 2 follow the guidelines by acting and leading ethical norms to promote student’s academic success and well-being. In the past two year of my career, I have participated in equity classes in order to gain the stamina and capacity to lead difficult conversations so that teacher reflect on their practices to make more equitable and fair decisions for all students. I have led a group of curriculum writers in challenging our current practices, curricular resources and texts to make sure we are representing our full student population. Through my Goucher College new learning and assignments, I have learned about the ASSA Fair and Ethical code that all school leaders should follow. I conducted a classroom observation following this code by backing up all claims with facts. These three artifacts demonstrate my ability to act ethically and promote norms of integrity for all students to feel heard and valued.