Reproductive Anatomy (Presentation)
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Reproductive Anatomy (Presentation)

Reproductive Anatomy (Presentation)


Published: October 7, 2019 3 0 165
By: Sophia Finley, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Education
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Comprehensive presentation on human reproductive anatomy.

I created this presentation as a final project for my sex education certification. I went on to use it for teaching, and have been exploring how I can make the lesson more interactive rather than lecture based. I love starting the lesson with slang, because it eases discomfort about the taboo topic and we can come to a common understanding of the language we will be using during the lesson!

This lesson covers information on the penis, vulva, clitoris, uterus, menstruation and ovulation, fetal reproductive anatomy development, secondary sex characteristics, intersex anatomy, stigma, personal hygiene and wellness, and healthcare resources.


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