Residents of Rogers Park Photoseries (Ongoing)
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Residents of Rogers Park Photoseries (Ongoing)

Residents of Rogers Park Photoseries (Ongoing)


Published: December 22, 2020 0 0 58
By: Iman Music, Columbia College Chicago
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Residents of Rogers Park is a photo series started by my friends and me. Here's our mission statement for some context:

"This photo series aims to capture the ethnic and religious diversity of Rogers Park and its residents. Rogers Park is home to people from all walks of life and from at least 80 countries, all living together within the boundaries of this northside Chicago neighborhood. Its residents have coexisted alongside one another with proud displays and celebrations of their own distinctive cultures. Despite these differences that often divide us, the people of Rogers Park make a point of celebrating their diversity and their community. We hope this photo series not only highlights the exceptional qualities that make Rogers Park so special but highlights the beauty of a community coming together."

My friend Leah and I run most of the logistics including writing stories, planning content, conducting interviews, managing the Instagram account, and more. *I did not create these visuals, another person on our team did, Olivia Qualls*