Rival Hearts!
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Rival Hearts!

Rival Hearts!


Published: May 6, 2020 0 0 138
By: Joe Jackson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance
Hashtags: #Comic #ComicBook #Creativewriting #Editing #Project #webtoon #Writing

My second webcomic, this was something of an experiment to see if I could draw my own comics rather than before where I had to hire other people to draw them. While the initial couple of pages are rather...rough, I do think I improve greatly as time goes on, especially when I switch to a monochrome style.

Unlike Echo which was heavily scripted beforehand, this one is a bit looser, I plan out the look of the panels and how it will flow beforehand, to give it a faster feel and not be so burdened by dialogue. Though I still script it for certain scenes.

It also serves as a crossing point for other projects and future projects so keep an eye out.