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Published: July 17, 2018 1 0 341
By: JoJo Scanlon, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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A webseries I directed and produced that began in early-2017 and ended mid-2019. The series is about what happens when we're thrust into a spotlight that nobody should ever be thrust into. Currently, I'm working of Season Three with a few classmates. We plan for this season to be the thing that makes the series stand out not only to viewers but to potential investors and collaborators.
This project was my first jab at directing and writing with no prior formal education. It's very amateur at times; and at others, thought provoking and well executed. Working on RonaldoBasedGod has helped me experiment and try out ideas I've always wanted to run with. That being said, I consider the project my personal film sandbox.


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