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Published: July 11, 2020 0 0 52
By: Peyton Cooper, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Theater
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Ike Holter’s Sender thrives on the contrast between order and chaos and the tensions that emerge as we leave childhood and adolescence behind to contend with the demands of “adulting.” In this comedy, Holter presents us with four millennial friends wrestling with these issues. While each is at a different stage of “growing up,” one of the friends has disappeared and has been presumed dead. Yet, at the beginning of the play, he returns and completely upends the balance established in his absence. This witty, foul mouthed, and razor-sharp play asks: “What does growing up mean . . . and is it even desired in this day and age?”

In this show, I was the Stage Manager. It was my job to communicate the director's wishes to designers and crafts people as well as coordinating the stage crew. I also created an entire prompt book and ran all rehearsals prior to the show.