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Show off a past project


Published: May 9, 2020 2 0 151
By: Jello Thompson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Professional Development
Hashtags: #color_grading #ColorCorrection #Editing #editingmovie #post_production #sounddesign #Video #video_editing #video_editor #video_production #Video_productionVideo_

Good Mourning is a visual poem about how people differ in coping with their life after a breakup. This short explores the parallel and polar behaviors that are apart of a bigger metaphor about how each day not only brings new challenges but reminders of the yesterday.


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Tagged Teammates:

  • Adiam Woldu
  • Anthony Roberts
  • Brianna Pitterle
  • Colleen Warner
  • David Pineda
  • Mary Watson
  • Ruby Gatenby


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