Sisters - Pronoun Showdown
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Sisters - Pronoun Showdown

Sisters - Pronoun Showdown


Published: August 22, 2019 0 0 194
By: Kara Olander, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance
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This song is an excerpt from a cabaret series at Columbia College Chicago titled, "Pronoun Showdown". Based off on the popular 54 Below show in New York City, we switched around the pronouns to hear some of your favorite Broadway show tunes in a new way.

For this show, I played both bass and electric guitar. Seeing as I was switching off between songs, this was a really unique and gratifying experience. I have always loved music and learning new instruments, but most of the performances I've done were piano solos. Therefore, when I was asked to join the show's band I was incredibly thrilled. From rehearsals to performance, getting the opportunity to work with other musicians and performers to this extent for the first time was a wonderful opportunity. Seeing as the main component of the cabaret is altering pronouns and flipping genders, flexibility in changing keys and cuts of the songs was imperative. Many singers took liberties throughout the songs, therefore requiring quick thinking and a readiness to make changes during the performance. Overall, I feel I gained from this performance both from my improvement as a musician and a better understanding of the relationship between musician and performer.