Standard 3B
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Standard 3B

Standard 3B


Published: October 17, 2019 0 0 137
By: Kate Anderson, Goucher College
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This artifact is a PowerPoint from a central office academics meeting I attended in January 2018. We had the opportunity to play The Factuality Game by Natalie Gillard that educates you on Baltimore’s history with segregation, redlining, marginalizing and more. Similar to Monopoly, you purchase property along the way, but this game differs because at the start of the game you take on your character’s life experience based on race, ethnicity and sexual preference which creates different permissions and limitations as you purchase property. This game lead to great discussions on how we can create change in curriculum for our students. Through many equity training meetings through BCPS, I am now apart of the “leading with equity” group in which we are responsible for coaching teachers to approach their instructional decisions through an equity lens. This artifact and the work I have done through my BCPS Equity Trainings reminds me of PSEL Standard 3B because we are working towards assuring all students having equitable access to curriculum and effective teachers and learning opportunities. As the standard language states, our work is necessary to confront and alter institutional biases for student marginalization, starting with the knowledge and awareness in order to make the change.


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