Standard 3C
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Standard 3C

Standard 3C


Published: November 18, 2019 0 0 139
By: Kate Anderson, Goucher College
Category: Other

This artifact is a reminder email for a voluntary book club lead by a co-worker in the Office of English Language Arts in November of 2019. The book club’s mission is to only read antiracist books to grow our confidence and knowledge about talking about race in the workplace. We read Between the World and Me written by a Baltimore native Ta-Nehisi Coates. As a white woman, it was an incredible window into a life unlike my own, where I could learn how Ta-Nehisi feels as a black man growing up in inner city Baltimore and the limitations that our society put on him. I am participating in the book club at this point and my goals is to suggest our next book and lead the next discussion. This activity reminds me of PSEL Standard 3C because as an English Language Arts Office we analyze data often and find that our students of color under perform our white students. As our curriculum is written mainly by white women, we wanted to educate ourselves and gain more perspectives to select texts and ask questions from other perspectives. If we know better, we will do better. Equity work like this will hep us act with cultural competency and responsiveness in our interactions, decisions making and practice and address matters of equity and cultural responsiveness.


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