Standard 8c
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Standard 8c

Standard 8c


Published: March 17, 2020 0 0 156
By: Kate Anderson, Goucher College
Category: Education
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The artifact I have selected for Standard 8b. is Case Study #1- “Mrs. Bumble and Her Band of Busybodies”, written in ED 674A, Fall of 2019. This case study’s problem was a committee of parents, lead by Mrs. Bumble, did not believe in providing students with free or reduced priced meals. Parents were going behind the principal’s back to make decisions that were out of their jurisdiction. As PSEL standard 8c tells us, it is a leader’s job to advocate publicly and be a resource for the needs and priorities of students. Feeding children is a high priority and it was this principal’s job to advocate for all students to be successful and healthy.


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