STI Lesson (Presentation)
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STI Lesson (Presentation)

STI Lesson (Presentation)


Published: October 7, 2019 1 0 174
By: Sophia Finley, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Education
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Comprehensive lesson on sexually transmitted infections, focused on busting myths, reducing stigma, and providing resources so students can leave feeling empowered to make informed decisions about their body.

This presentation covers the most common eight STI's: trichomoniasis and public lice (parasitic), gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis (bacterial), and herpes, HIV, and HPV (viral). We learn how each are spread, what their symptoms are (most common symptom is no symptom!), what's the test, is it curable or treatable, and how to prevent transmission.

After we are informed about STI's, we watch a few videos about how to communicate with partners about testing and STI's and partner up for a response scenario activity. At the end we discuss resources and protection methods!

Videos included are from Everyday Consent, Planned Parenthood, and Sexplanations- all available on YouTube!


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