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Published: May 6, 2020 0 0 159
By: Derin Isikman, Columbia College
Category: Architecture
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S& V Village
I would like to design a Safe & Horticultural Healing Village for the Women & Children.
This Village will provide safe and healing environment for the women and children who have been abused physically and emotionally.
Abuse against kids and women occurs in families of all socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds and is found in both rural and urban settings.
Without a safe place 80% of victims end up back in their trafficker's hands.
The question often asked is why do people stay in an abusive relationship? The most common reason is because of financial restraints or fear of losing the children.
Hundreds of thousands of people are trafficked in the United States each year, including American children. Unfortunately, only 1% are rescued and there is not enough safe house to help them.
Providing a safe house is one good thing but not enough, those women and children need a place to feel safe and time to heal. They need a place to restart.
Different than other safe house in Chicago this village will provide services for the women who needs the right support to get out of their abusive environment with the lawyer advices/services to learn about their legal rights and self-defense classes to protect them during the transition as a first step.
Once they have the commitment to change their life they can start living in the village with their kids.
Village will be designed to provide Art and Therapy, Earth & Gardening, Horticultural Therapy programs to connect, self-awareness and heal.
S&V’s Sustainable Growth model teaches valuable life skills by fostering an environment that promotes self-care, personal awareness, and stewardship of one’s community. Our Guest integrate a variety of skills needed to develop healthy relationships, and the tools necessary to maintain growth through future.
Horticultural Therapy combines the art and science of growing flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees with the most current theories in human behavior, neuroscience and counseling psychology.
Horticultural therapy utilizes gardening activities in conjunction with traditional counseling techniques to meet specific therapeutic treatment goals.
One of the biggest concepts of the village is to "grove your own food" to help the village run. Horticulture by itself is a practical and applied science, which means it can have a significance in our everyday lives.
The act of gardening itself, is also a major health benefit. Gardening is a low-impact exercise, which when added into daily activities, can help reduce weight, lower stress, and improve overall health. which will also help them to connect and trust others again.
These programs benefit kids' health and enable them to be active contributors in the world around them.
Besides getting kids outside and moving, and encouraging an active lifestyle, children also learn adapt their thinking and creatively problem solve, depending on the situations that arise.
Daily Educational classes such as English, Sewing, Cooking, Computer, Hand & Craft and Gardening will help them to prepare to find a job to create a better life. They can also volunteer for teaching at the village.
With a children Center & School for kids, boy or a girl in any age, will not need to separate from their mother.

Derin Isikman