Teddy Bear
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Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear


Published: August 20, 2019 0 0 211
By: Marisa Drinkwater, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Short script written in Fall 2018
Two pages total

A young girl sneaks into a house to find a toy that her best friend left for her before she moved away.

After her best friend moves away, Ava, a young girl, must sneak into her empty house to retrieve a teddy bear that was left for her. Henry, a young boy, helps Ava on her mission despite her annoyance with him. The pair must move quickly and quietly as to avoid being spotted by the real estate agent who is selling the house. When Ava knocks over a stack of books, the two must abandon their mission and leave the house. Ava is disappointed her plan failed, until Henry reveals that he had found the teddy bear.


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