The Adventures of Captain Graves
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The Adventures of Captain Graves

The Adventures of Captain Graves


Published: August 4, 2018 1 0 196
By: Thomas McNulty, Columbia College Chicago
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They tell stories about Captain Graves in the smoky sea-front dives between Hong Kong and Rio de Janeiro. He was a mysterious sea captain with a scar below his left eye. A soldier of fortune, explorer, scientist, scoundrel, and treasure hunter, Elliot Graves was a legend long before his disappearance in 1944. He carried a 1911 Colt .45 automatic and he wasn’t afraid to use it. He was said to be a moral man, but the law meant little to him. They say that he had a terrible secret and that he had lost the woman he loved. Others believed that he was a government spy and that his position as a scientist for the Natural History Museum in New York was a clever facade. His schooner, The Reaper’s Scythe, was the envy of fellow scientists Templeton Crocker and William Beebe. His scientific expeditions carried him to remote locations in the far east, and a whirlwind of trouble. His best friend was a brute of a man named Rocco Salventi. The Reaper’s Scythe boasted a loyal crew of sailors who followed their captain’s orders with unnatural devotion. They say that Captain Elliot Graves was a haunted, forlorn man; but others believed him to be nothing more than a cold blooded killer. ORDER NOW ON AMAZONOrder Now on Amazon!


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