The Chronicle Housing Fair
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The Chronicle Housing Fair

The Chronicle Housing Fair


Published: March 3, 2019 1 0 257
By: Micha Thurston, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Event Planning
Hashtags: #EventCoordination #Eventplanning #EventProgramming #Marketing #SalesandEventPromotions

Alongside the three Media Sales Reps of The Chronicle, we worked together to manage, plan, execute and host The Chronicle's annual off & on campus housing fair.

It began with a process of putting together pricing, contacting various clients, booking the space, reserving the catering/additional sponsorships, marketing/promoting the event via our social media accounts and print paper, and of course, executing the day of.

The final result accounted for approximately 200 student attendees and 13 vendors!

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  • Kathryn Williams
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