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The Dwight

The Dwight


Published: August 20, 2019 1 0 149
By: Marisa Drinkwater, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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Parody of the popular TV show “The Office”.

I wrote the script and served as the producer, along with assisting my co-director with other tasks as we were the only two members of the crew.

As I was working with friends, I went into this project expecting to have a lot of fun, which I did, but it made me realize how much this project was reliant on intrinsic motivation, and when there was a lull in our desire to work on the project, it warped on our perception of our creation. Throughout this project, there was a fluctuation of emotions - from love to anger to humor to wanting to give up on the project altogether. However, despite this, we were able to push through these creative blocks to create something we are all proud of. I learned a lot about the creative process during this project that has made me a stronger artist and taught me a lot about how to create meaningful work despite artistic and creative insecurities.


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