Queer Spaces in Giovanni's Room
Like Jerakah Greene

Queer Spaces in Giovanni's Room

Queer Spaces in Giovanni's Room


Published: March 1, 2019 0 0 209
By: Jerakah Greene, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Literature
Hashtags: #CriticalAnalysis #English #History #lgbtqhistory #Literature #queerhistory #QueerStudies #queertheory #Writing

An essay delving into the complex social system in 50s and 60s Paris as it related to the homophile movement and the state of queer life and politics in James Baldwin's revolutionary novel, Giovanni's Room. Further, this novel describes multiple spaces wherein it is possible to be visibly queer. I analyze their realness, symbolism, and how they alter the queer characters interacting in them. This project required extensive research and literary analysis.


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