The Magician's Menagerie
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The Magician's Menagerie

The Magician's Menagerie


Published: January 25, 2019 0 0 265
By: Sophia Abel, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
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The inspiration for this project was that I wanted to try filming a video using the camera shift effect. This is the "test" version of this film because we did not get to finish filming due to several issues on set. I plan to reshoot the video and complete the film.

For the camera shift effect, I set up four cameras in a slight arc shape and edited the footage to switch cameras every 7 frames.

I was the director, cinematographer, lighting designer, and editor for this video.

I also designed the Magician character's costume, altering a Halloween costume pirate coat into a ringleader style coat, making the hat band, and adding several other details to the costume. I did the makeup for this character as well.

Several challenges came up while filming this video, which were:
-Very limited time to film
-Some actors and crew cancelled an hour before the shoot
-Half of the cameras brought in did not work.
-Multiple lights were knocked over and broken, which eventually ended the shoot when it was impossible to continue filming.

When we reshoot this video, I will work to prevent as many of these issues as possible. I plan to set scheduling to allow more time for filming and any additional pre-production work, get better weights on the lights and extra lightbulbs, and collect all of the cameras sooner to allow time to test them and charge batteries.