The Pancake Prince (Sound Designer, Composer)
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The Pancake Prince (Sound Designer, Composer)

The Pancake Prince (Sound Designer, Composer)


Published: January 23, 2019 2 0 220
By: Michael Martz, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Game Development
Hashtags: #c_sharp #Game #gameaudio #GameDevelopment #Music #music_composition #sound #sound_mixing #sounddesign #Unity #Videogame

The prince of the pancake kingdom has lost his dog, Hash, and against the wishes of his court he rushes out into the unforgiving wild in search of the pup. However, when he steps outside, he is faced with many deadly traps and warriors from the land of French Toastia. So the prince must survive these trials and save hash from the clutches of evil before it's too late!

This project was completed during a game jam hosted by AlphaLab, a club at Columbia College Chicago. I served as the project's composer and lead sound designer.


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