The Penny Candy Store - Production Design
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The Penny Candy Store - Production Design

The Penny Candy Store - Production Design


Published: March 2, 2019 0 0 27
By: Olivia Aigner, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #1960s #Art #Design #Drawing #Film #Illustrator #Photography #Production #productiondesign #Shortfilm

For our final Production Design product we had to create a presentation of our research in a collaborative presentation. The research included, character costume design, set design, prop research and design, concept art, color palettes for sets, artist inspiration research, photo research, and other interior design aspects of the sets. This project taught just how much truly goes into putting together an entire world that is believable to an audience. There is a lot of detail that needs attention and on top of that big picture concepts that need to come together in order to make an effective setting. Another idea I had to constantly think about was the fact that the short film was to take place in 1969. This meant thinking about what kind of items, colors, and settings one might see in the time era. Would everything be fresh out of 1969? Of course not, that meant that I had to look for props that might be 10+ years old in terms of a radio and cash register. Rather than find a radio that would have been new in 1969, I looked for a radio that was from 1958 or later. This taught to think much deeper about set design that I had previously done.


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