The Possession of Salem
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The Possession of Salem

The Possession of Salem


Published: August 20, 2019 0 0 215
By: Marisa Drinkwater, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Writing
Hashtags: #Creativewriting #creativewritingclass #Fiction #Highschool #Shortstory #Writing #writingwithdeadline

Excerpt from a short story written in December 2016.
Total Word Count: 2088 words

Summary: Looking for alternative methods to relieve school stress, Layne turns to dabbling in spiritual practices. It starts with crystals, but then she picks up a spellbook from an antique shop in town. When a spell she cast leads to her passing a Calculus test with flying colors, Layne starts to take the spellbook a bit more seriously. A potion recipe to connect to spirits for guidance catches her eye. However, the spirit she summoned turn doesn’t turn out to be the teacher she expected, instead it’s an evil witch looking for revenge and planning to take over Layne’s body. Returning to the antique shop to learn how to get rid of the dark spirit, Layne discovers it has been shut down, but she manages to talk to the owner. Layne learns the owner knew the fate of whoever bought the book, but sold it anyway to get it out of her possession. When it’s time for the ritual to allow the spirit to inhabit Layne’s body, Layne sacrifices her life to thwart the evil spirit’s plans.


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