Theatre - "Heat: A New Musical" (2019)
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Theatre - "Heat: A New Musical" (2019)

Theatre - "Heat: A New Musical" (2019)


Published: April 1, 2020 2 0 137
By: Redding Tews, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Creative & Performance
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Redding co-starred in this original musical, playing the role of Chief Briggs in November of 2019. She will be the assistant director in August 2021 when "Heat" will make its debut performance since its workshop performance.

The heat is on in this new comedy musical! Created by Martin Brablec and Corbin Eaton, 'Heat' follows the story of five small-town firefighters as their department is phased out of the town budget by the Reverend Mayor Johnson, a long-serving conman who hopes to use the extra funds to build a brand-new megachurch. Strapped for cash, the firefighters turn to local pariah Russel Tussle, a professional male stripper, who teaches them how to work the poles for cash. However, Mr. Tussle may have an ulterior motive for taking the men under his wing.


Likaa Mohamad Dirk Matthews