UNIQERS "No More Boring Sneakers" Ad Campaign
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UNIQERS "No More Boring Sneakers" Ad Campaign

UNIQERS "No More Boring Sneakers" Ad Campaign


Published: January 5, 2019 0 0 359
By: JoJo Scanlon, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Marketing & Advertising
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"No More Boring Shoes" is an ad campaign I did for Uniqers; a shoe company stationed in China. I originally reached out to the brand on instagram hoping to just get a free pair of shoes to promote, but when I said I was studying film at Columbia they immediately asked if I would be interested in directing an ad campaign for them. Truth be told with all of the other projects I had going on at the same time I should have said no, but it felt like an offer I would regret saying no to. I worked on the ads during my downtime between projects, and I think that sadly shows in how the audio is mixed and how abrupt the ads end. I knew this might have been a problem so I focused less on the visual quality and more on the things that would separate it from other ads of the same variety; I used color correction to make my actors/actresses look more like models and I set up the ad in a split-screen ratio. The main comment I got before starting the ad was that I need to have it focus on both the shoes and the people wearing them. I thought it might as well be split into two separate views so that you can focus on both the shoes and the person wearing them at the same time.
I think this can just be chopped up to a learning experience, but my main take-away from this project was that I need to limit my projects to one at a time and I need to give them all of my energy if I want them to come out right.

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