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User - Short Film


Published: May 4, 2019 1 0 249
By: Brett Davidson, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Film & Television
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"User is a short student film written and directed by Brett Davidson, a Cinema Arts & Science major at Columbia College Chicago. The film centers on Shelby, a young woman with a history of drug addiction as she stands up to her drug dealer of a friend, Gabby." - From YouTube Description

This piece was inspired by true events that occurred to a family member of mine. I took the events described to me, then created the scenario revolving around two friends with the drug user and drug dealer power dynamic.

This was the first true production I directed. The shoot taught me many things, most revolving around teamwork and collaboration. I learned how to take charge of the set to better utilize the very limited time that we had to film. Working on this film also taught me the importance of well crafted preproduction and how essential it is for a shoot to wrap efficiently.

The biggest challenge we faced on set was the lack of time to shoot. Our class was only allotted four hours to build the set, shoot, and break the set down. Due to this, we were forced to adapt promptly to any set backs that came up.

The end result is a film that I was able to call my own. It was an enormous learning experience, allowing me to collaborate with many talented individuals.

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