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Published: June 22, 2019 2 0 315
By: Valhalla Villarreal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #adobeadobephotoshop #adobeillustrator #Art #cute #vectorart

I loved seeing YouTubers and companies creating cartoons of themselves which inspired me to make my own to use. I learned how to shade which was a bit difficult to learn on Illustrator as I'm used to shading on PhotoShop. I overcame this by figuring out how to better use the layer options on Adobe Illustrator. Another tactic I used was to review other artists shading techniques to try to translate the concept into my own work. My particular favorite was drawing a circle at the angle I wanted the sun to be at and drawing arrows in the direction of the suns rays. Ultimately I'm very happy with how the project turned out and have already been using the image on a few websites.


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