Virgin Quest (Radio Play)
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Virgin Quest (Radio Play)

Virgin Quest (Radio Play)


Published: June 17, 2020 0 0 115
By: Grace Tallmadge, Columbia College-Chicago
Category: Writing
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This is a 30-minute comedic radio play that I co-wrote with other members of Columbia College Chicago's Audio Drama Club. The play is a spoof of medieval fantasy tropes, and tells the tale of a beleaguered tax collector who is tasked, every year, with procuring gold and one virgin to appease the dragon who lives in the mountain overlooking the village. It is narrated by the musical stylings of Ard the Bard and his trusty percussionist, Mirionetto, and features characters such as the Count, who governs the town (and is totally not a vampire), Alkaphot, an exiled wizard, and Cordo, a young knight-in-training who assists Bert the tax collector on his not-so-epic quest.


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