Web Series - Switchy Situation
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Web Series - Switchy Situation

Web Series - Switchy Situation


Published: January 27, 2019 0 0 340
By: Autumn Shively, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Media
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Things get switchy when two bestfriends, Lucy and Cameron, magically switch bodies. Will they be able to figure out how to switch back?

Web series created by Autumn Shively
Written & Directed by Autumn Shively, Sarah Thurman, Evan Fintzy, and Matthew Vetter

This web series was created for a Production and Editing class at Columbia College Chicago. I created the show and executive produced all four episodes.

Duties included:
-Writing/rewriting scripts
-Obtaining insurance and props
-Coordinating schedules
-Editing the pilot

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  • Evan Fintzy
  • Matthew Vetter
  • Sarah Thurman