Wolf Journey
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Wolf Journey

Wolf Journey


Published: April 25, 2019 0 0 112
By: Valhalla Villarreal, Columbia College Chicago
Category: Game Design
Hashtags: #Game #GameDesign

Wolf Journey is a game I used to help test out my ability to create terrains as well as experiment with a "follow me" ability. Another thing I experimented with in the game was using an asset pack and learning how to assemble one and fiddle around with it. In this case the asset pack was made by Malbers Creations with their poly wolves.

One of my biggest obstacles in the game was to get the wolves to follow me at a distance. No matter how many techniques I tried I couldn't seem to figure out how to get over the challenge. In this instance I decided to make the wolves follow each other in a line in order to not distress the player as much.

My other main issue was creating the environment. I wanted an atmosphere that felt big, but also lead the play in a way that compelled them, but didn't outright tell the player to go a certain direction. I did this by leaving a bread crumb trail of crystals as well as making what lied at the end of the road more interesting than the random surrounding areas beyond.

In the end I created a whimsical game that is fun to explore. One of my biggest inspirations was Wolf Quest and the feeling of going on a journey with your wolf avatar, I really wanted to capture that element in this game.