I dream of a world where conversations about mental health have become a social norm.


Columbia College Chicago
Bachelors Graphic Design (2020)


Monster Education Foundation
Graphic Design Contractor
Columbia College Chicago
Student Worker
Jessoh Studio
Freelance Designer
Creative Promotional Products
Graphic Design Intern

Member Since April 3, 2018

Circus Poster

My professor encouraged us to be more experimental with our typography so I made a parody circus poster.


U.N. Poster

I designed this poster on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to challenge my skills working on...


The Street

A type zine I designed and photographed for Publication Design at Columbia College Chicago


Asian American Cultural Affairs: Resource Guide

a resource guide made for the Student and Diversity Inclusion Office about Asian American culture


Humans of Columbia

I designed, photographed, and wrote Humans of Columbia in two weeks. I created the booklet in an attempt...