I dream of a world where conversations about mental health have become a social norm.


Columbia College Chicago
Bachelors Graphic Design (2020)


Monster Education Foundation
Graphic Design Contractor
Columbia College Chicago
Student Worker
Jessoh Studio
Freelance Designer
Creative Promotional Products
Graphic Design Intern

Member Since April 3, 2018

Glossier Rebrand

For my project, I decided to explore a brighter, more colorful approach to Glossier, a brand that is...


Raaka Chocolate Bar Rebrand

For the Raaka Chocolate Project, students were asked to create a new packaging graphic for Raaka Chocolate...


Buddy Project Rebrand

In order to help an outdated, somewhat immature company personality, I rebranded the nonprofit organization...


Bodacious Type Postcard

In order to best showcase my font, I created a type specimen postcard. I designed Bodacious to mirror...


MEF Street Cleanup Poster

In order to get people excited about the upcoming street cleanup, I created a poster to advertise the...


MEF One Pager

In order to help promote the organization, I created a one pager on a spread to encourage people to...


MEF Events Bookmark

In order to serve as a friendly reminder for volunteers, I was asked to create a bookmark encompassing...


A2 program 2019

For the 2019 Asian American showcase, or A^2 for short, I decided to reflect our "noir" theme in the...


Creative Pitch Deck

In an attempt to best represent the company to potential clients, I created a pitch deck. This helped...


Creative Brand Guide

a brand guide i put together for future graphic designers that use the company's logos on a variety...


Circus Poster

My professor encouraged us to be more experimental with our typography so I made a parody circus poster.